Amazed, Experiential Learning

Maker space

A space that is fully equipped with tools for you to create your next big project. We offer hourly drop-in workshops for members.

Fresh Air Sport

Physical education mainly focuses on developing children’s fine motor and gross motor skills. It improves children’s fitness, agility, and coordination.

Signature Pop-Up Class

Our pop-up classes is another fun way to learn. Weekend activities and lessons will be based on fun themes such as dinosaurs, sea creatures, transportation and more!

Munchies Corner

Members can grab a bite from our rotating pop-up restaurant. At our shop, we partner with vendors that change seasonally, so members don’t get bored of the same menu.

Family & Birthday Events

We host events exclusively for parents to network, and connect with one another, fostering community and creating added value for families and brand partners.


We offer a wide range of books for your kids to enhance their reading abilities. Ranging from interactive books to fiction to fairy tales, we provide different genres to help kids discover their next favourite book!


Amazed is Hong Kong’s first education focused community for the whole family inspired by the internationally recognised STEAM educational framework which uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths to encourage learning through reality-based programs.

Amazed Signature Classes