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About Us

Amazed is Hong Kong’s first education focused community for the whole family inspired by the internationally recognised STEAM educational framework which uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths to encourage learning through reality-based programs.

Life is a Maze

Let’s start with “a maze”:  Life is a maze and all of us are navigating our own way towards success and happiness, especially so for children.  As parents, we should let our children explore their own paths to discover and nurture their real passions, talents, and joy. It is common for children to take a path that could lead them to a dead end and that’s fine.  At Amazed, we encourage children to learn through trial and error, to explore, to enjoy and most importantly, to be amazed by the journey of learning, because what matters the most is not just about reaching the destination within a certain timeframe, it is about the all the skill sets and experiences they gain along the way. 

Guided by the principles of the STEAM framework, we will adapt and localise the STEAM concept and tailor programs for children in Hong Kong. Our programs are designed to break away from the traditional local education system and will focus on providing our students with the opportunity to experience the joys of learning and working with others, and by enhancing their curiosity, critical thinking and creativity, our programs will also encourage students to take an interest in understanding different aspects of the media and the importance of information literacy.


The natural universe, where everything comes from


Tools and innovative devices, uses and enhanced abilities


Purposeful innovation, creation and analysis


Humanities, ethics, ideals and expressions





Signature Classes