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How to Become an Astronaut

How to Become an Astronaut

About this course

Introducing big dream to little kids in fun ways!

5,4,3,2,1… Blast off!!

Being an astronaut is a dream for lots of children. In this 12 week lesson course, your little one will get to discover and develop the passion, drive and motivation. Get a taste of the life in space, learn about day to day life in a zero gravity environment. Focus on the importance of simple tasks. Provide training for your little one’s mind and body for better balance and coordination. In this course, children will get to design a crew mission patch, learn about engineering rockets, how to conduct a spacewalk and even design your own space station.  In the end of the course ( week 12), all children will be returning back to earth, and present their own space journey to the rest of the class.



  • Team building
  • Creativity
  • Representation skills
  • Discipline
  • Hand-eye co-ordination