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Kiddo Fresh Air Sport

Kiddo Fresh Air Sport


About this course

Level 1: Age: 3 to 5

Level 2: Age 6 – 8

Level 3: 8 – 10


This is a multi-sport programme introduces children to a wide variety of sports and a varied and diverse range of skills. Our lessons incorporate specific skill acquisition and exercises that help a child’s physical and cognitive development. We aim to improve core fundamental skills such as agility, balance and co-ordination and also social skills such as communication, listening, sharing and team work.

For level 1 the program include colour recognition, counting and lots of fun association games involving animals and characters. The focus of the class is motor control, neural/ brain activation (which never stops!), balance, coordination, and building strong bones.


For level 2 the program is about personalize their own body weight and shape functional movement, they learn how to move properly, how to avoid injuries and excel in sports. In this level, child can begin to focus on refining motor control, athletic skills, increasing strength, and weight bearing exercises


For level 3 the program encourage children to improve body awareness, confidence, begin to work on endurance, cardiovascular strength, and can begin resistance training